Harrison Turns 9

He has a very tender and loving heart. He deeply cares about people and strangers. He continues to make me a better dad each day, by showing me how to love unconditionally.


Harrison turns 8

Harrison has had a year of growth. His inquisitiveness continues to increase expontially. He reads everything he seems from road signs, advertisements to building signs. We continue to feed his hunger for knowledge and the never ever ending questions.

Harrison turns 7

Now being in 1st grade, Harrison has really picked up math really well. He is always quizzing everyone in addition and multiplication problems. This year he got to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite the experience was great for him. Played Little League and loved it!

Harrison turns 6

Harrison has had a quite a exciting year. He is now in Kindergarten and won several awards since the start of the school year. His character is continuing to develop, his decision making is maturing, he is now articulating stories ver well. I thank God for giving me such a blessing. He continues to teach me be a better dad for him. This past year he also was part of his first movie as an actor. We are looking forward to T-Ball in the coming months. Christmas Box-

Harrison is now 5

Fall 2014

What a year it has been for Harrison. He started Transitional Kindergarten a few months ago; he is developing his character more and more, he has keen sense of kindness and is extremely witty.

I see characters of myself and his mother as he grows everyday. He amazes me with his astuteness. His imagination continues to grow and takes you places of wonderment.

We look forward to a blessed and a fun filled year with my little boy.

Harrison Turns 3

Harrison continues to be the best blessing God has given us. He is developing into a very adorable and attractive young man. He has a very precious heart, he is very concerned with people and their feelings, quite adorable. He loves to sing and at times combines several songs into one. Although this year has been a difficult year for both myself and Stephanie, I feel that Harrison feels like he is the king of the world. His development always has us in awe!  He retains so much and is able to say the funniest things. At times he’s very difficult to reprimand because he has us in stitches with the clever things he says. There are so many people this year that have made a huge difference in his growing and we are very thankful to have so many great people in our lives as well as Harrison’s.